Facts about artwork and colours

Commonly asked questions:

Artwork supplied: means you supply the artwork and we go direct to print

Artwork from supplied files: you supply the files and we but the artwork together for you

Most Common File Formats:

Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)- For sending / exporting files for print

Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg/.jpeg)- Create and exchange digital photographs

Portable Document Format (.pdf) - Open format and good for sharing images

Your print is as good as your artwork supplied!

If your images and logo’s are low resolution the final outcome is low resolution as well!

Working on artwork to improve the resolution:

For a fee we can work on your artwork to improve your files. High resolution Photos can be purchased from online supplier’s trough us.

Why Don't Printed Colors Match What I See on the Monitor?

You have to understand that it is almost impossible to replicate the colours you see on screen with those in print. They are two entirely different media - the screen displays colours according to transmitted light in the RGB (red, green blue) gamut, the paper displays colours according to the absorption & reflection of light of CMYK colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black).

Printing colours: No single device is capable of reproducing all visible colours. Colour’s need to be specified by a code CMYK, RGB or PMS “A device that is able to reproduce the entire visible color space is an unrealized goal within the engineering of color displays”