Facts about digital printing and vehicle graphics

Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers:

Question - What is digital printing?
Answer - Digital Printing can produce graphics never before attainable through traditional processes. Our digital printing technologies allow us to offer you a cost effective high-quality printing process with brilliant colours. This printing process is typically utilized for Vehicle signs, individual’s signs or short to medium runs on substrates.

Question - Material used to print on (Substrate)?
Answer - Digital print material like vinyls, decals, PVC Banners, Corflute’s, Plastic, Alupanels, Perspex and so much more...

Question - How long does my print last?
Answer - We have to consider all key factors when determining how long a print will last when it is displayed. Four primary factors limit the years of the prints life: Light (SUN), Temperature, Airborne pollutants, and Humidity.

Question - How long is warranty on your prints
Answer - 1 year warranty on all prints, not matter what substrate used, except magnets!


WRAPS = Graphics can be applied to parts of the vehicle or the entire vehicle (wrap)

                 The best distance to view vehicle graphics is approx 2 meters. Keep in mind this is still all installed by hand... no robots yet.

VINYL CUT = Cut lettering (different to digital print) this is single color, solid vinyl cut out applied to your vehicle. Heaps of colours available!

Question - How to prepare a vehicle to be sign written?
Answer - All vehicles have to be clean of mud, oil, and car polish! If your vehicle is not clean, and our installers need to clean it, a charge will incur.

Question - How will the vehicle sign look?
Answer - We will always send you over a proof of what you have asked the vehicle to look like for approval so you will know exactly what you will be getting. Prints are designed to be looked at from a distance and not close up. Whilst we apply the graphics in our workshop, there is no such thing as a “Dust free environment” available, and some small bits of dust might find a home under your prints.

Question - How to care for your vehicle graphic?
Answer - It is best do hand wash and only use over the counter car wash detergent. Avoid power brushes, power hoses, and automatic car washes. We do provide you with a little flyer telling you how best to clean your new graphics though - if all else fails... Call me :)

Window One way vision: Rear windows and some side windows are covered with one way vision, which are covered with a laminate to be able to see trough. We print the image onto this material however; due to the perforation in the material your image loses some vibrancy. Some drivers might find the one way vision destructive, (depending on angle of window) and getting used to it might be a challenge.

Question - Will the graphic damage my paint job?
Answer - When applied and removed correctly to a factory paint job it does not damage the vehicle. In fact it can protect your paint. Though if you give us a beat up car with a home spray job not done correctly it can very likely mess with your paint work - it all comes down to the surface its applied to.

Question - How to remove the graphics?
Answer - This should be done by a professional, either us or a car detailer will normally be able to help you out. But yes, they can most definitely be removed.

Question - How long will it last?
Answer - Graphics can last between 3-5 years, BUT here are some key factors that will shorten the life span of your graphics: the sun, Humidity, Pollutants and where your car is used / parked (near the ocean, mines, earthmoving etc.)

Question - What can cause a vehicle graphic to fail?
Answer - The wrong maintenance of the graphics (high acid cleaners), Car was waxed prior to installation, wrong material used, not cleaned properly.

As mentioned, we still install all these graphics by hand so there is always a chance of human error unfortunately. So if you see anything you think looks strange bring it back straight away and we can fix it right up for you.