How Can You Tell Which File Type You Are Supplying?

If you're unsure of the file type for any file you may be sending,

The last three letters at the end of your file tell you what type of file it is.

Which File Type?

Common examples include:

PDF (Portable Document Format) are widely favoured by most designers. They can be save as an editable file, which is great for printing.

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is a vector format of your logo. They can be re-sized without loss of image quality.

JPG/JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) were created to improve the quality of GIF files and are best used for the web.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) were created to improve on the quality of GIF files and are best used on the web.

Do not change/convert JPG files into PDF files!

“Think about filling an empty Coke bottle with water. From the outside it looks like Coke, but inside it’s water. The same thing happens when you are converting JPG files.”