Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions outlined below apply to all work done by MTP Signs Pty Ltd Trading as The SignPlace Maitland

• Quotes – All quotes issued by The SignPlace Maitland are subject to the terms and conditions. • Ordering – The quote form must be approved via Xero or emailed/signed off before any commencement on the work will begin. By accepting /signing off on the quote, you agree to all the terms and conditions. The Sign Place Maitland retain an absolute discretion to choose to accept a verbal order. If the Sign Place Maitland does choose to accept a verbal order it will constitute a binding acceptance and the customer will be deemed to have accepted that the work is subject to these terms and conditions. • Payment terms – Payment is to be paid in full on order/acceptance of quote for orders under $500.00 and a 50% deposit on all orders if your business does not have an approved account with MTP Signs PTY LTD On the date of completion of work the balance of your invoice is due within receiving job, pick up of items or work completed on site , unless otherwise agreed in writing. If the customer wishes to pay by business cheque, MTP Signs PTY LTD reserves the right to withhold the work until that cheque has been cleared. If payment has not been made in full by 14 days of date of invoice, The Sign Place Maitland has the right to hire a debt collector to collect the money owed and all costs associated with the debt collection will be passed onto the customer in full. • Contracting party – The person or company or whose apparent representative who signs the order will be deemed to be the customer and will be liable to pay The Sign Place Maitland all money due under these terms and conditions. • Deposit – No work will commence unless a deposit or a full payment for invoices under $500 has been received unless the customer has an approved account. Any Customers with no approved account and orders greater than $1500 and interstate customers may be asked to pay 50% to 100% of the total value of the order on any work, no matter what the value, before commencement of the work will begin. • Colour match – The Sign Place Maitland make every effort to colour match a job to the customer’s specifications but cannot guarantee absolute colour match. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the final colour is to their satisfaction before The Sign Place Maitland begins the work. • Artwork – All artwork created by The Sign Place Maitland must be approved by the customer in writing prior to the commencement of manufacture. The Sign Place Maitland will retain ownership of any artwork produced by us. The sale or license for the artwork, design or material capable of attracting copyright for future use by the client is a matter for separate negotiation. The customer must not reproduce these things without the prior written consent of The Sign Place Maitland. Please note: any artwork supplied by the customer that cannot be used may occur an extra charge to correct or reformat the file.

• Changes to layout – For any changes after the original proposed layout has been completed, the customer will be charged at a rate of $110 per hour for those changes. • Delivery – Unless otherwise stated in writing, delivery costs are not included in the price quoted. The customer agrees that where it requests The Sign Place Maitland to arrange delivery the customer will pay the costs of delivery. Any delivery dates quoted are estimates only and The Sign Place Maitland is not liable for any costs, losses or damages arising whether directly or indirectly from none or late delivery of any goods ordered. • Installation – Unless otherwise stated the quoted price of a job includes the ordinary costs of installation, including labor during normal business hours, hole(s) boring and concrete. Unless otherwise stated in writing the use of hiring lifting apparatus (cherry pickers, scissor lifts, cranes etc.) is not included in the quoted installation price. If MTP Signs need to hire any lifting apparatus to safely install work for the customer, then all additional costs will be charged to the customer on top of the quoted price. If installation is required on weekends or after hours when penalty labor rates apply, a $100% per hour rate will be charged on top of the quoted price. • Variations and urgent work – Costs that are incurred by the virtue of the client changing the specifications of the job, requiring the work to be done out of hours when increased labor rates apply and requesting a job to be done early necessitating the use of overtime labor, the extra costs will then be charged out to the customer at cost. A priority fee will be charged for jobs that need to be finished before the normal production costs

• Disbursements – The following disbursements may be charged at cost by The Sign Place Maitland and paid on top of the quoted price: photocopying, artwork printouts, mobile phone calls, facsimile transmission, courier, packaging and handling. • Warranty and indemnity – the customer warrants that it has obtained all necessary approvals from third party owners of intellectual property and from relevant regulatory authorities for the production and installation and the customer indemnifies The Sign Place Maitland against any action, claim or demand by any third party as a result of this approval not being obtained. • Additional Warranty - All work, material, substrates, vehicle wraps have a one (1) year warranty if the product has been damaged under normal use and maintenance due to improper material or workmanship. Vehicle magnets are exempt from this warranty.

The warranty is voided due to Damage resulting from improper maintenance / improper preparation of paintwork on any surfaces, like vehicles, trailers or any other substrates Damaging winds and Thunderstorms Hail and storm damage Damage resulting from natural disasters Theft or vandalism of a product Loss of a product

• Return of goods – Where goods have been incorrectly supplied, are faulty or have been damaged, the customer undertakes to notify The Sign Place Maitland within 7 days of receipt. Claims after this time may not be accepted. Goods shall be returned to The Sign Place Maitland at the customer’s expense. • Retention of title – Title in goods does not pass to the customer until full payment is recovered. • Copyright – All responsibility for copyright on any material brought to The Sign Place Maitland will be the customers. We accept that the customer either owns the copyright or has obtained permission, which gives an undertaking to indemnify the copying service provider if loss is suffered due to a breach of that warranty.

Disputed Amounts Where the Customer wishes to dispute any item(s) appearing on an invoice, the Customer must write to, email, or telephone expert, and seek resolution of the disputed amount. Any notification to expert of a dispute must be made within 7 days of the invoice date. The Customer must pay any undisputed amount by the Payment Due Date, otherwise interest or late payment charges may be imposed on the undisputed balance.

If experts agree there is a mistake, the account balance will be corrected as soon as practicable. If expert finds there is no mistake, the Customer will be required to pay the outstanding amount immediately on being notified of expert’s finding, or by the Payment Due Date, whichever is the latter. All invoices must be disputed within 7 (seven days of) receiving or will be deemed as accepted

Late payment fee would apply if invoices not paid within the agreed terms and conditions and will be stated on invoice and statements.

Debt Collection Costs Where the Customer’s accounts are sent for debt collection with an external agent, the Customer agrees to bear and pay all costs imposed on expert in relation to the collection of the debt. These costs will generally include debt collection commission charges; case opening or closing fees; and legal costs in extended cases.

Terms and conditions as per 20/02/2020 valid until further notice for all work done by MTP Signs PTY Ltd trading as the SignPlace Maitland, 21 High Street MAITLAND NSW