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Wall and Window Graphics

Add identity to your retail, home or office environment with custom made window and wall graphics.

The Sign Place Maitlands' quality vinyl wall and window graphics are perfect for creating a lasting first impression. Custom graphics are a fantastic option for corporate office walls, interior and exterior windows, in-store, storefronts, office decor and medical suites. The choice is yours - full-coverage graphics or simpler cut vinyl lettering and logos or our high-quality, full-colour custom wall and window graphics make it easy to create an individualised buiness environment inside and out.

Window Graphics

Window graphics include:

  • A logo on your glass suite entrance door
  • Cut vinyl graphics on exterior retail storefront windows, or interior conference room glass walls
  • Colour graphics on windows, solid opaque or using a perforated media that enables people to see through.
  • Frosted glass and or graphics can give privacy and simulate the effect of etched glass.
Glass Graphics

Benefits of Contra Vision

Contra Vision Graphics on glass can be used for advertising, branding or to achieve decorative effects. It provides privacy and solar control benefits to people inside buildings and vehicles without blocking their view outside. The Contra Vision effect is most commonly achieved by applying a self adhesive window film to the glass.

Floor and Door Graphics
Custom graphics on Floors and Doors can simply feature your company logo to promote awareness, or they can be taken to the next level by showcasing short messaging, promotions and creating an eye catching  feature for your business.
Floor graphics are available after a site inspection to determine client and media requirements.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics include:

  • Solid-colour, cut vinyl letters and logos on interior walls
  • Colour printed wall murals
  • Colour printed wallcoverings 
Mirror Graphics

Mirror graphics :

  • Customising and Unique
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Cost effecitive decorating
  • Can enhance an older piece